Pic Location:Crater lake , Oregon, United States

About me

Hi, I am an overly anxious kind of person. Too curious to learn about things that interests me. And too lazy to pick up the remote to turn on the TV and spend all day thinking about things that have least chances to happen.

I was born and brought up in India. Too pampered as kid but my mother surely gave me good values. I forgive easily but forgetting becomes little difficult for me. I try to be straight forward most of the times but not everyone likes it.

Management graduate, love to go out with friends but has been ages since I went out for a “Real Party Party”. Too busy being a mom to a two year old. Taking tantrums is routine for now. Love spending time with my little one and now starting to write to take a break from all day work. Want to put down the jumble of thoughts onto my blogs. Being a stay-at-home mom are often taken for granted but thankfully, my partner’s supports me and helps me throughout. Oh, come on! we do fight and argue, Which couple doesn’t ?? But we make sure, we stand for each other through thick and thins.

I love nature, I love the landscapes , the sound of the waterfall, birds and greenery. Rains are not for me. I would rather die in scorching sun for the love of bright and sunny days. Drizzling here and there is beautiful to hear. But drenching is just not my idea of fun.

Love to hear good music and like singing…. from Nursery Rhymes (For my toddler) to Rock to Pop genre..