Gloomy Spring

Glancing out of a window, some thoughts flickered my mind. These leaves, these flowers, these trees of many kinds.When gusty winds strike through those bold red petals ..I wonder what we did wrong and when it’s gonna be settled??

These pretty Roses and that shining sun, sending a ray of hope and happiness. Spring was never this gloomy. Never thought staying at our own homes would be so exasperating. This is what we always wished for. Didn’t we? To get some rest from this frenetic schedule ..We definitely wanted to spend quality time with our loved ones but little did we know that it has to be at one place for days.

How can we be at peace, when we see people dying out there? My heart aches for the sufferers, and for the people working day and night for the mankind.
This shall too pass, I pray with every breath.

As they say, “In the middle of every difficulty lies the opportunity”.

This difficult time has taught me many lessons. Listing a few, which will help building a new normal.

Lessons learnt during Quarantine

Lesson 1: Patience and Perseverance: Self Isolation has brought a drastic change in everyone’s life. being home all day for days surely brings Cabin fever. And, if you have a toddler who is running all around the house all day, it can be tiresome. Schools/preschools are shut, just mommy daddy to play with, no park visits and absolutely no play dates. Dealing with household chores along with an attention seeker toddler has taught a lot of patience to us as parents.

Going out once in 2 weeks for groceries, dealing with out of stock supply and waiting in long billing queues. Disinfecting carts and hands with perseverance, for sure a lifetime lesson learnt.

Lesson 2: Man proposes God disposes: The deadly virus has spread rapidly around the World leaving all humans helpless. Human definitely has limited abilities and the Supernatural power -GOD- determines the start and the end. Lesson learnt here is that everything is in sovereign control of Almighty.

Lesson 3: Valuing Relationships and friendship: Everyone being busy in their own world often forget to call their friends, their relatives etc. This pandemic has definitely taught us to care for relatives and friends sitting miles away. I reside in US since 6 years now and US being one of the most affected countries has daunted people around the World. Not seeing friends and trips to home being cancelled has been a very tough on everyone.

Getting calls from friends and wanting to have longest of conversation with old friends which otherwise we have neglected since years. Checking on each other’s well being has once again opened more doors of care and has taught the value of meeting friends in person, face to face

Lesson 4 : Being Grateful: We often take things for granted and doesn’t even realize the value of thing we have. Countries practicing complete lock down to prevent COVID has stranded the poor and low income people. Everything being shut has caused many daily wage workers and their families to starve and migrants with no place to live. We should be grateful for what all we have and for shelter on our heads.

Things being so mishmash, collecting courage to accept life as it comes seems difficult. However, all these learning from shelter in place, practicing to become better human being is the least we can do. The day will come, when again everything will be fine.

The Spring won’t be this Gloomy.

By Tinitinyblogger

16 replies on “Gloomy Spring”

Every word is so meaningful. This time shall pass too giving all of us experiences and lessons. Miss being with you. Keep writing 🙂

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Beautifully written . Very well noted the lessons that we learnt from the crisis and the ray of hope that happiness that we are looking forward. Hope this willpass soon !! All the best for your future write up.

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Good Blog. What we are learning during this Covid pandemic should become our strength for ever. These learnings should not be limited for this period. Keep motivating the masses by your articles. Miley.

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