“जब कि हर साँस मेरी , तेरी वजह से है माँ.. फिर तेरे नाम का एक दिन मुक़र्रर क्यू हो।”

“While every breath of mine is because of you, then why should just one day in your name be fixed.”

Mothers are uniquely programmed creation by Almighty, God. Their hearts are filled with so much of love and care. Their eyes are so angelic and they have invisible arms attached to their bodies. Multitasking is just their way of life. How they carry a human being in their womb for nine whole months and develop love for their babies without even seeing them. Magical.. isn’t it? From getting up in the morning, making coffee while holding a toothbrush in one hand, with their brains working alongside, thinking about the menu for lunch, dinner and presentation at work simultaneously and what not.

They have something in them which gets them going. Some of them doesn’t get help from their family(which is sad) and some just want to be all by themselves without help and then they are too exhausted by the end of the day. And whoa!! they wake up the same person again next morning.

Moms are some sort of Superheroes without a cape.

What gives her immense pleasure ?? Of course her kids eating food ..what else?? Be it rich mom or poor mom, working mom or stay-at -home mom, the only thing that matters most to them is, whether her child has eaten or not. Even when you are in your worsts of problems, their first question will be- Did you Eat?

Ever since I remember, there hasn’t been a day when my mum didn’t think of my happiness. Since the day I was born, and I am sure, even before that while she was expecting me, her brain kept constantly thinking of my well being.

I can never repay this debt to my Mom ever

I feel so guilty, for throwing tantrums at her when I was child or even now sometimes. I so wish, if it can be undone, and I could just hug her for all the mistakes I did. That kind of relationship can only be made with moms. I don’t know why are they so forgiving towards their children. Sometimes we don’t realize the worth of our Moms, what all they did for us and how many sleepless nights they have spent so that we are comfortable. She gave up on so many things to give us better lives. Spent years in teaching us values and then worrying for us to choose the Right path to lead Life. But at the same time I also think, who else can we give tantrums to, like we do with our moms. It’s her and only her whom we can put our faith upon. She is our only comfort.

Now, that I am a Mom myself, I know what it means. How my mom would have felt with our stubborn behavior and all that flare-ups (with brother). I am not as patient as my mom was. I get so downhearted, if at all my little one does the same as we did back in our times. Time teaches the lesson, if we don’t learn it when it had to be. And like they say, “what goes around comes around”.

Spending sleepless nights for my son, dealing with his catnaps when I was exhausted, nursing and nappy changes, all this drained the hell out of me. And all I could do was cry out for my Mom. But the strange thing is, this Magical feeling of being a Mother can never be taken away from any mom. Those mood swings, morning sickness, leaks , labor and scars doesn’t even matter when your baby comes out all smiling at you. It is so satisfying to see your little one growing up in front of your eyes with all those beautiful crawls and moves And nothing can match hearing them lisp, while learning to speak.

It is hard to say if Moms are stronger or weak, for how their heart melts when their children are crying and how tough they get when someone tries to let her child down . Life of a women surely turns upside down when she becomes a mother. But believe me you, this turn is uniquely beautiful. Every mother faces different types and levels of challenges and the only thing that all mothers should keep reminding themselves is that she is doing Great!

Not just one day is enough to thank a Mother for everything she has done and is still doing for her children. Celebrate Mom Each day and everyday.

A Very Happy Mother’s day to all new moms, would- be-moms, moms of a toddler, to the ones who are struggling to be a mom and to all the mommies of the World.

Adding a Beautiful song for all the Moms

By Tinitinyblogger

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