For a hundred times & up for hundreds more

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge is such a beauty, an architectural masterpiece and the symbol of San Francisco. It has been declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

This place has something in it. The bridge is always busy with tourists and fast moving traffic. However. the other side is so calm and serene. The scenic beauty of this place is just so dreamy. vista point is a must see spot. And beaches on the other side are just so beautiful.

Grown up in a middle class family in India, never ever imagined I would be settled in the US. But destiny has it’s own plans. Mine turn out to be better. THANKGOD!

This Post has been sitting my drafts since quite a while now. This COVID had me on my toes with all the cooking, running after my toddler, health issues and what not . Thought of publishing it today after so long.

So coming back to Golden Gate Bridge, this place seem like new every time we go there. Never got bored of it. And this time it was little more different as we went for a walk on a chilly breezy day with my little one along and on top of it COVID scenes, which means less people around. This outing was a little different for my LO as his second birthday was at home this year with all that video call thingy. And now that after turning he started to understand things a little more, this walk made his day for sure. He saw the fast moving cars this close for the very time and was amazed to see it for real. Everything was on screen before this.

Looking at the sea from the top of the bridge he said ” Mamma look, its a beach”. Yes, he now knows what beach is and then suddenly he turned the other side and said, ” Mamma Cars Vroom Vroom “.

It felt so good to see him learning and exploring things. He was so happy that he didn’t want to come back. That was another challenge for us to take him back home but it gave us so much pleasure to see him like that.

The best thing is, I always take the picture of the bridge. The picture above is the original version of what I clicked and then couldn’t stop myself to edit it. Editing pictures and videos has become my new passion. Playing with color corrections, vignettes, saturations, whites, tints and all of that. I keep on looking at the pictures till I feel it is corrected the way I want.

Still in the process of learning and if any photographer or artist reading this has tips and tricks to share, please do write in the comments.

Here is the edited GGB. More like painted, Retro sketch. No it is not just a filter. Some more effects has been adjusted here. I like it and can play with picture colors for hours and hours.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (Pic Edited)

This was my little story of this year at the GGB. I am definitely going soon next time. Can’t stop loving this place. I have been there for a hundred times and up for hundreds more.

Do write your views, your stories, experiences at The Golden Gate Bridge. Or if you wish to visit this place if never visited.

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