Every picture has a story

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

“Every Picture has a story”

We all have heard & read these quotes several times in our life. Everyone or let’s say most of us are fascinated by beautiful pictures being posted on Social media or in exhibition or in some Art gallery etc.

Photography is something very deep . Professional photographers sits hours and hours to capture perfect shot through their lenses. The art of capturing is great. However, the Story behind every picture is different and not known to everyone who sees it.

Once my parents came to visit me and my new born, some 2 years back. We went on a short trip and like every other person now a days we had this DSLR camera with us and mobile phones too. We went to a very beautiful place called Big sur here in California, which was some 2 hours from our place. We were driving and at every mile on the way to Big sur there were several Vista points and few beaches. Each vista point has it’s own beautiful view and My Parents were just loving it because they have never ever visited such places before. In fact, they never thought in their wildest dreams that one day they will be touring to USA. I belong to a , middle class, grounded family and my Parents are too Simple.

So we stopped at different points and beaches and obviously took pictures. It was too Windy, and my mom was happy that she was seeing something amazing (never been to beach before, except for GOA in 80’s ) And at the same time she was also scared for my 3 months old with random thoughts that he might catch cold etc. etc. ( granny things). But somehow we took few pics and continued driving.

Then we pulled over at a very famous bridge called Bixby Creek Bridge. Also known as the Arch bridge. Hundreds of people stopped with their cameras, Clicking here and there. My little one slept in the car meanwhile. We came out of the car and were clicking pics turn by turn and also watching my baby simultaneously ( didn’t take my sleeping baby out). Suddenly, I went near the cliff and started taking pics “yes the DSLR kinds”. I also Saw one person sitting with his little different style camera, not taking pics but was looking at the sun, the sky the bridge and slightly turn his head, looked at me and gave me look as if he was conveying ..huh!! every monkey has a DSLR today but what pics do they take.

I spent some 15 -20 mins there and took around 30-40 pictures and he took none. Lol.

Mom & Dad got busy in looking at the waves down the bridge. My husband was standing near the car watching the landscape and we didn’t realize we left the baby alone in the car ( we were right there though, but in our own World). After a few minutes I realized and ran back to the car after clicking all the pics and saw my baby was all red and crying. And I felt so bad and guilty. My mom started yelling at me ( like moms do) why so many pictures and why so much of time you took. Baby is very small. You left him alone bla bla bla ( even though they themselves were out, lol). Then I cried out of guilt. And we left.

Then Comes the Posting….Facebook , Insta post goes like .. at Big sur with Mom and Dad #amazingtrip #beautyatitsbest #momdadsfirsttriptoUS #firstoutingwithmybabyboy #funtrip etc etc..

PS: took Another few hours in selecting the 2 pics out of those 40 for posting and then filter and adjustments.

I got some 300+ likes, some 100+ comments including from the people I haven’t been in touch in ages.

The reason I wrote this story because, today when I look at those pictures today, it reminds me of the trouble I gave to my baby. The Time I spent in ignoring the beauty but constantly clicking the pictures just to impress few people on the internet. I did enjoy that trip but few hours less than the hours I didn’t even know where I was and what for.

My mom dad took few pictures ( no perfect angle, no one to impress, yes to post on fb because of new Facebook craze) and then were just enjoying the place. Life is simple for them.

There are hundreds other stories like these, with so many behind the pic incidents. We fought, left my purse, spilled my coffee, and what not. And what for ??? Just to post the “Picture Perfect” on social media , which no one even care about after few minutes. And even if they, it is just to Bit*h about it later.

In the course of clicking perfect pictures we lost the perfect moment

Once I saw a picture on Facebook of a happy couple, (one of my not so close friends) with a fancy caption saying love of my life – together forever. Few weeks later, got to know about their divorce. That left me thinking what was that picture about? I went back to see that picture again , not that I was stalking but to know if whatever I heard is true or not. And I couldn’t find that picture. It was deleted.

I often think Today, Why are living for others or Why do we have to look happy? Why can’t be “Be Happy” rather?

I have started to believe, every time when a nice picture is posted, there should be no envy or no comparison. After looking at someone’s pictures, we often feel, oh wow!! they are living such an awesome life, they have had so many trips in one year, they always dine at luxury restaurants etc etc. I will also go to that place or a better place and post more pictures than so and so. That has become a norm.

We follow the trend but not our heart.

Isn’t it strange?

But no one really knows what’s the real scenario. Probably they have taken loan from a friend to look Rich (LOL) or let’s take it positively, they are different people with different priorities. Probably they save more for trips and spend less on other things, might have done overtime at office or earn that.

The time we spent in getting 300 likes, hardly 3 or maybe 30 people genuinely like the picture. Rest are just under obligation because they are on the friend list. Not trying to be preachy here but I feel that that everything that is on the internet is not true. Pictures of food we put for our insta stories is the 100th click while the food was getting cold. Family was waiting to have meal together and we were busy buying 100 likes from outsiders. We didn’t enjoy the setting sun or the rainbow from our eyes but through the lenses. We didn’t dance at a friends party but for tiktok videos. There are 400 + friends in our friend list but hardly anyone to talk to.

In the entire blog, I never meant not to click pictures. All I want to convey through my blog is not to waste the happy moments in trying to collect the memories. Live the moment and you will remember it forever. Trying to impress other will not make you Happy. Travel around, see places, have a happy meal, play with your little one, write poem, create memories to remember them not to just post them.

I have heard it so many times from so many people but one of my very dear one made me realize it recently,Your Happiness solely depends on you & not others” .

Think about it and write your opinions in the comment section.

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